About Us

NY GOIVY Online INC. is a mathematics elite student training platform founded by Allan Zhao (Zhao Jianchao), a graduate with double bachelor degree in MIT, and master degree in the Department of Mathematics of Columbia University’s School of Education.

We use technological advances to provide an affordable solution to teaching. Our course material, written by Zhao, incorporates his learning experience and his deep understanding of mathematics. We introduce Math Olympiad to cultivate students’ special talents, teaching them to think logically and training them not to give up when faced a difficult problem.

Our school was founded six years ago. Since then, we have consistently trained a group of top students at high success rate. The results as follows:

1.Middle School Math Olympiad Class

Our middle class started in 2014-2015. After an entrance exam, 9 students from grades 6-7 were invited for free training. Among them, 8 students were admitted to specialized high schools in New York City. The admissions are as follows:

Derek Lao – Stuyvesant High School

William Lin – Stuyvesant High School

Stephy Chen – Stuyvesant High School

Michael Yang – Stuyvesant High School

Raymond Yu – Brooklyn Technical High School

Henry Ma – Brooklyn Technical High School

Evelyn Qi – Brooklyn Technical High School

Wilson Wuchen – Staten Island Technical High School


2.The results of the first primary school mathematics gifted class

Our inaugural elementary school mathematics gift class started in 2016. Through the assessment, two 4th grade students and one third grade student were enrolled. Their middle school admissions are as follows:

Danny Mok – Mark Twain Intermediate School

Natalie Lao – Dyker Heights Intermediate School

Winnie Mok – Mark Twain Intermediate School

Danny Mok and Winnie Mok.

Christina Wu, Franklin Wu and Edmund Wu, all accepted to gifted and talented programs.

Allan Zhao

MIT 2013, Department of Mathematics and Management Science
Columbia University Masters of Education in Mathematics Class of 2019

2002 Hua Luo Geng Cup Math Invitational Competition Jiangmen City First Place (4th grade)
2002 Hope Cup Math Competition 7th Grade Division Silver Medalist (4th grade)
2002 China Mathematics Olympiad 6th Grade Division First Prize (4th grade)
ARML NYC A Team member (2007 3rd place team, 2008 1st place team, 2009 4th place team)
2006 AMC 10B perfect scorer
2007, 2008, 2009 USAMO qualifier
2009 Mandelbrot Competition National Level 7th place
2009 New York Math League perfect scorer
2009 USA Physics Olympiad (USAPhO) semifinalist
2009 USA National Chemistry Olympiad (USNCO) semifinalist

Math Positions:
2009 New York City A Team Captain.
2012-2022New York City Math Team Coach