Math Olympiad Enrichment( private chat).
Online 1 on 1 tutoring, covering MathCounts and AMC topics.

Go Ivy Center Online Zoom Class

Classes are taught by an MIT graduate who is currently a New York City Math Team coach.

Elementary Mathematics Olympiad Class II

Target:  2nd Graders to 5th Graders

Course outlook:

  • Reenforce students’ understanding of multiplication, division, and fractions.
  • Understand how solving equations work.
  • Learn problem solving techniques that are helpful for the Mark Twain exam.

Time: 2/15/2021-5/16/2021,4:00-7:00PM Eastern

Tuition: $1000

Junior Mathematics Olympiad Class

Target: 6rd to 8th Graders

Course outlook:

  • Prepares students for middle school math competitions.
  • Learn pre-algebra and counting and probability
  • Exploratory exercises as homework.

Time: 2/15/2021-5/16/2021, 9-12 AM Eastern

Tuition: $1000